Beat the Heat

Kool Tie provides a personal evaporative cooling system for the wearer which lasts for days

How It Works

To hydrate for the first time: Submerge Kool Tie in clean water (soft water when available) for 30-45 minutes. During hydration make sure crystals are evenly distributed. Do not leave tie in water for long periods of time as excessive hydration puts strain on the seams. Check for color fastness. Crystals will re-hydrate for years. Kool Tie will provide a personal evaporative cooling system for the major vascular network including the carotid arteries in the neck, lowering the heart rate. Athletes achieve higher levels of performance with less exertion while wearing Kool Tie.

How It Works

For maximum effectiveness: Always allow for a good flow of air around your Kool Tie as this helps evaporation/cooling. Hanging Kool Tie for 5 minutes after hydrating is recommended. As you wear your Kool Tie, periodically rotate the outside edge toward the neck. Re-wet and hang tie as needed. Do not store in a plastic bag or other closed container or mildew can occur. When not in use the Kool Tie should be hung up so that air can circulate freely around it.

How It Works

Washing Instructions: We recommend fully hydrated Kool Tie be hand washed for no more than 3 minutes in your favorite laundry soap or detergent. Rinse well and hang so that air can circulate freely around tie. Occasional machine washing for no more than 3 minutes will break up dirt and salt build-up that can affect hydration. Using a mesh bag for delicates is recommended. Rinse well and hang.

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